Aarti. Pampassar. Karnataka

Near Hampi is a place called Pampassar. Here the meeting of Ram and Hanuman
-chief caracter of the Ramayana - took place, centuries ago… "
This is the picture of a Saddhu, priest of the temple performing an
"Aarti", the waving of lights for the Lord.


Puja. Hampi

Indian men from Andhra Pradesh doing a puja for deceased family members in the river Tungabhadra in Hampi.


Bus Stand. Mysore

Indian women waiting for their buses at the bus stand in Mysore



Chillies. Badami

A woman sitting in front of her house as another one is sorting out chillies drying outside.

Ploughing. Hampi

An Indian from Hampi ploughing his field


Resting. Bijapur

Trying to communicate with an Indian woman sitting quietly in front of her house inside the fort in Gulbarga


"Cow Brand". Bijapur

A food shop in a little street of Bijapur. I liked the "Cow Brand" name.

Colors, Colors. Bijapur

A colorful working scene in a street of Bijapur.
A hot day it was.


Smile. Mysore

A woman walking by the streets of Mysore with a huge bag of flowers over her head. She was going to a temple I think.


Iron. Badami

In front of her house, preparing an Iron . Amazing to see those irons full of burning coal..


Smile. Hampi

A woman working on the Archeological site in Hampi smiling at me.

Ganja. Hampi

Smoking Ganja inside the Hanuman temple in Hampi


Market. Badami

Women on the market in Beautiful Badami


Abstract Chilies. Badami.. Karnataka

A woman, drying her chillies in front of her house in the lovely town of Badami


Contrast. Mysore

This man, with two others, was hanging a poster of a movie on the front of a theatre.

Giving. Badami

A woman giving water and food to a poor personn in Badami. I must add that before giving him water she had given him food, I was too late....What else to say?. Here it seems people give often and all the time.

Jain prayer. Mysore

A woman praying and listening to Sadhvis in an Ashram.

Jain temple. Mysore

Women praying and making offerings in a Jain temple in Mysore

Ayappa Pilgrims. hampi

Those Ayappa pilgrims were admiring the landscape on top of the hill next to the Hanuman temple , near Hampi.

Colors. Badami

A cubist image of a woman in front of her house next to the sacred tank in Badami

Sonia. Badami

Election time in Badami.
Sonia Gandhi on the back of a rickshaw..


Selling rice. Mysore. Karnataka

Chamundeeswari. Mysore

The Chamundeeswari temple is located on a hill in the vicinity of Mysore and is accessed through a motorable road. Chamundeeswari the tutelary deity of the Mysore Maharajas has been held in reverence for centuries, and the Wodeyars
of Mysore have made extensive contributions to this shrine. Every week the god is taken out of the temple for a procession around the temple. Even Buddhists monks are seen there giving money to the gods.

Cubism. Badami

A street in Badami, a beautiful town of Karnataka

Beedis. Mysore. Karnataka

A woman rolling beedis in her home in Mysore

Hanuman. Mysore

After visiting the temple on Chamundeeswari temple in Mysore, I went to a nearby restaurant with Hanuman .. The Chamundeeswari temple is located on a hill in the vicinity of Mysore and is accessed through a motorable road.

Chamundeeswari the tutelary deity of the Mysore Maharajas has been held in reverence for centuries, and the Wodeyars of Mysore have made extensive contributions to this shrine.

Jain Sadhvis. Mysore. Karnataka

Three of the Jain sadhvis (women sadhus) I travelled with, meditating in there room before having their lunch.
In front of them a tripod with symbols of their gods inside.


A sadhu. Pampassar

Subramaniam, a sadhu met while visiting Pampassar, around Hampi

Preparing the Puja. Pampassar

A Sadhu preparing the shrine for the Puja in Pampassar, near Hampi.

Hanuman temple. Hampi

The path leading up to Hanuman temple in Hampi. karnataka


Parvati. Hampi. Karnataka

Parvati was helping an ironsmith with the bellow for the fire.
Shot in hampi where they are renovating old temples..

Puja. Hampi

Men performing a puja in the Tungabhadra River.

Puja. Pampassar

A sadhu preparing Nandi for the morning Puja in Pampassar, near Hampi


A puja for deceased family member


Puja. Hampi

A puja near the river in Hampi.
A lot of people every morning there doing Pujas for dead realtives and
spreading the ashes afterward in the river.


Puja. Hampi

Those men were coming to Hampi to do a ritual for a defunt family member.
Water is very important in all religions, especially in Hinduism.

Wedding. Hampi.

A moslem couple just married came for a celebration alongside the Tungabhadra River.
At the same time an Hindu is taking his ritual bath.
On top of the hill, at the right of the couple, Hanuman temple.

More about Hampi

By the way.. i was invited for lunch by them.. and after I had shared their meal, I was invited another time..
Incredible India..

Padmamanabha. Hampi

Padmanabha is a brahmin from a village in the Bellary district .
He came to Hampi to perform a ritual for a deceased family member.

Laundry. Hampi

A pilgrim drying up her laundry on top of a temple near the river in Hampi.


Ploughing. Hampi

Namaste. Hampi

The same kid.. When she was done, she told him :"Say "namaste " ( hello) to the man".. He got up and
joined his hand in the Namaste sign people use in India... follow up of the previous one...

Motherhood. Hampi

A mother pampering her son on the threshold of her house near the temple in Hampi.
He was really happy, as you can see. The next one is better... soon.


Home Sweet Home. Bidar

Welcoming me into their colorful house in Bidar


Sarees. Hampi

Some pilgrims drying up sarees near the ghats in Hampi

Hanuman. Hampi

Resting near Hanuman. Hampi

Durgi. Hampi. Karnataka

Durgi is a sheperdess I met a few days in hampi.
Always coming back home in the evening.
Hampi is a pure jewel, a marvel.

picking up flowers. Hampi

Picking up flowers for the temple. Hampi.

Flowers. Mysore

Flower sellers under the protection of Ganesh, on the wall, in the Devaraja market in Mysore.